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Treat your best friend to a pamper

Dog Groomers is based in Dog World and is owned by Mr Doge

We have been a family run business with over 30 years expericnes between all of our stock. As a standard we ensure that we keep up to date with the latest trends in dog styling and how new breeds need to be cut. We have a fully trained dog therpaist that helps calm down any dogs that have a nervous dispostion.

If you would like to get your dog groomed and looking sauve book an appointment now!

What We Do


We bathe you good with natural and organic shampoo which does not contain any halmful chemicals that could harm your dog and produce skin rashes and problems.


Our groomers have gone through intensive courses to be able to do magically things for your dog and make them look super cute. Our stylist are well trained in know exactly the cut that your dog needs to prevent any in-grown hairs or to produce any wonky-ness when they fur grows back.

Nail Clipping

Overgrown nails that be painful for your dog so making sure that they are reguarly clipping ensures that you are doing the best for your dog.